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FIT BCAA 500 (Sicilian orange)

FIT BCAA 500 (Sicilian orange)
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FIT BCAA 500 (Sicilian orange)
FIT BCAA 500 (Sicilian orange)
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Availability: lot
$27 / pcs..

Aminoacid FIT BCAA with sicilian orange flavour (500 g.)

FIT BCAA consists of irreplaceable amino acids with a branched chain L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine.

Ideal product for completion of irreplaceable amino acids in a food allowance!

Specially developed composition of irreplaceable amino acids with a branched chain in the ratio 2:1:1.

The L-leucine participates in creation of muscular tissue, synthesis of protein and strengthening of the immune system, reduces sugar level in blood

L-valine - a full-fledged energy source for muscles, improves coordination of muscular contractions.

L-isoleucine - interferes with destruction of muscle fibers, increases endurance and promotes fast restoration at high exercise stresses.

"FIT BCAA" promotes:

·       Reduction fatigue feeling;

·       Acceleration of restoration processes after high exercise stresses, at injuries or retention;

·       Increasing in set of muscle bulk;

·       Delaying catabolic processes in muscular tissue.

"FIT BCAA" is suitable for use both in training, and in a competitive cycle. The product is completely natural, does not contain the components subjected to genetic modification and also doping means and/or their metabolites.

Storage conditions: To store in the dry place at a temperature not higher than 25 °C.

Expiration date: 24 months from the date of production

Food substances containing ( food value)

Product contains


100 g

1 portion  (5 g)













Energy value, kcal/kj




Recommendations to use

At intensive sports activities it is necessary to take one measured spoon (5 g) of a product in 30 minutes prior to the training and one measured spoon (5 g) of a product after training previously having dissolved in 100-200 ml of water.

The recommended reception duration depending on intensity of loadings, body weights, age and level of training according to the program of trainings for the recommendation of the specialist.


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