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SPORTAMIN® ВСАА (300 caps)

SPORTAMIN® ВСАА (300 caps)
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SPORTAMIN® ВСАА (300 caps)
SPORTAMIN® ВСАА (300 caps)
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Availability: lot
$20 / pcs..

Aminoacid SPORTAMIN® ВСАА 6000 (300 caps)

SPORTAMIN® BCAA 6000 - the unique natural balanced product for sports food which has no analogs on the structure since it combines three most valuable components: BCAA, Arginine and Floracia™. Altogether they render the synergy effect capable to minimize negative impact consequences after heavy exercise stresses.


SPORTAMIN BCAA 6000 is created by the Russian scientists as a result of long-term theoretical and pilot studies, the conferred State awards of the USSR and the Russian Federation.


SPORTAMIN® BCAA 6000 is approved and certified by Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation. According to the conclusion of the All-Russian Research Institute of physical culture and sport of SPORTAMIN® BCAA 6000 it is recommended for use in ensuring training of national teams of the country. Sportamin bcaa 6000 - responses of professional athletes confirm high quality!

Useful effects of SPORTAMIN® BCAA 6000:

·        increases the power potential of protein cells, reduces catabolism level, accelerates restoration processes, stimulates growth of muscle bulk, increases working capacity;

·        increases the speed of overgrowing of the damaged muscular tissue, wounds, sinews, bone tissues;

·        interferes with a liver overstrain syndrome, improves detox function of a liver, intensifies process of cleaning of an organism of protein slags, first of all, of ammonia;

·        promotes increase in cleaning potential of kidneys in removal of end products of protein metabolism;

·        promotes prevention of cardiovascular diseases, reducing tension of smooth muscles, improving rheological properties of blood;

·        activates immunity of the person;

·        activates production of testosterone in an organism, considerably increasing sexual function at men;

·        has psychotropic effect, causing increase in content of growth hormone, promotes improvement of mood, makes the person more active and hardy, increases the speed of transfer of nervous impulses in a brain;

·        provides the intensive growth of own useful intestinal microflora of the person, suppresses developing adverse in microflora, and the diseases caused by them;

·        stabilizes work of intestines, normalizes a stool.


The heavy exercise stresses arising during the trainings and sports competitions cause in the athlete's organism sharp increase in level of catabolism (wear and destruction of retractor proteins ). This process involves changes in many biochemical processes, the most essential of which are:

·        Deficiency of BCAA It results from sharp increase of need of an organism for amino acids during activation of recovery processes in muscles. BCAA stocks in a blood plasma are small and when they are exhausted, the organism begins to fill them up, destroying proteins of internals, thereby, breaking their work and stimulating catabolic processes which significantly reduce efficiency of trainings.

·        Power shortage As in the course of the intensive trainings there is stock exhaustion of the main source of muscular energy - a glycogen, an organism begins to use BCAA as an alternative energy source, even more increasing their deficiency.

·        The slackness and drowsiness Are a consequence of deficiency of BCAA and are caused by the fact that the brain instead of missing BCAA begins to consume aromatic amino acids that causes delay of transfer speed of nervous impulses by neurotransmitters.

·        Ammoniac intoxication results from disintegration of muscle protein release of an amino group and, as a result, sharp increase in level of free ammonia in a blood plasma. Toxic impact of ammonia on brain cells which in the sum with the mechanism of delay transfer speed of nervous impulses described above causes noticeable decrease in mental abilities of the athlete is the most expressed.

·        Disturbances of functions of intestines the Increased level of ammonia makes destructive impact on useful intestinal microflora. Besides, the strong tension of belly muscles quite often leads to stressful disturbance it motor-evacuation functions. These disturbances are especially brightly expressed at a high-protein diet. The above described processes make stressful impact on all organism of the athlete, causing significant disturbances in his immunity system. In this regard there is a need of holding recovery actions, the most effective of which is intake of the balanced foodstuff which is designed to help the athlete to achieve progress, keeping and strengthening health at the same time.


BCAA - amino acids with a branched side chain: L-valine, L-leucine, L-isoleucine. They are the main component of muscular tissue and without them muscle protein synthesis is impossible. BCAA are the most quickly acquired amino acids therefore take of BCAA prior to training and right after it allows:

·        to quickly eliminate deficiency of BCAA and to restore the power potential of protein cells during the post training period when the mechanism of restoration turns on and the active growth of muscle bulk begins;

·        to increase the speed of nervous impulses transfer in a brain;

·        to reduce catabolism level;

·        to improve work of a liver.

Besides, the last researches showed that reception of BCAA contributes to normalization of weight not less, than a low-calorie diet.

L-ARGININ - the amino acid performing the following functions:

·        connects free ammonia in a blood plasma and forms urea which brings out of an organism with urine;

·        possesses the expressed anabolic action, stimulates processes of receipt in a blood stream of insulin, a glucagon and emission of a growth hormone;

·        participates in synthesis of creatine in muscles, increasing thereby muscular working capacity, activates immunity;

·        cleans an organism from nitrogenous and protein slags, interferes with formation of blood clots and development of atherosclerosis;

·        increases the speed of wounds, stretching and fractures healing;

·        reduces fatty and increases the muscle bulk of a body;

·        intensifies production of testosterone in an organism, considerably increasing at the same time sexual function at men;

·        promotes reduction smooth muscles tension of arteries, thereby reducing a diastolic lower component of blood pressure.

FLORACIA™ - an optimum ratio of natural dietary Fibergum bio-fiber and fruit-oligosaccharide. Floracia - complex prebiotic, provides growth of own useful microflora of the person necessary for normal functioning of an organism suppresses undesirable microflora, preventing development of disbyosis and the diseases caused by them. Floracia - stabilizes work of intestines, normalizes a stool. Its systematic consumption reduces risk of developing inflammatory and oncological diseases of a digestive tract. Floracia - promotes improvement and partially substitutes functions of a liver, neutralizing products of metabolism of protein substances, first of all, of ammonia, that prevents the central nervous system poisoning.

Storage conditions: To store in the dry place at a temperature not higher than 25 °C.

Expiration date: 36 months from the date of production

SPORTAMIN BCAA 6000 structure

Daily dose: 5 tablets or 10 capsules


Daily dose contains, mg













Recommendations to use:



2 capsules - in 30 minutes prior to a training

8 capsules - right after the training


1 tablet - in 30 min. prior to a training

4 tablets - right after the training

Indications to use:

SPORTAMIN® BCAA 6000 apply as an anabolic component at training loads of power and high-speed power orientation. For people with a reduced delay of nitrogen, the increased level of transfer as prevention it can be included in hepatoprotective complexes.


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