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ACADEMY-T is an innovative, scientific and production company. It was established in 1994 on the basis of the Department "Children, Functional and Sports Nutrition Technology" of the Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology. The main activity of the company is aimed at production of new high-tech products of sports and therapeutic nutrition, as well as carrying out research works in the field of nutricology and biotechnology of food products. Since 2009 it is the official supplier of the Russian Federation national teams.

ツThe history of the innovative company ACADEMY-T dates back to 1986, when the scientific and production cooperative Agro-science was created. As the forms of enterprises developed, theツ Agro-science cooperative was transformed in the first stage into a small enterprise, and since 1994 operates in the form of CJSC "ACADEMY-T" and since 2014 in the form of LLC "ACADEMY-T."

ツIn the early 1990s, fundamentally new theoretical provisions began to emerge in the physiology of digestion, changing perceptions of the role of certain food substances. This in turn stimulated the development of new directions of food technology, among which the production of new forms of food, products of therapeutic, preventive nutrition, biologically active additives was allocated. The combination of fundamental and applied research in the field of digestive physiology, physical chemistry of high-molecular weight compounds, food technology resulted in the formulation of methodological foundations and the creation of private technologies of the first domestic products of enteric therapeutic nutrition.

For the creation of a new system of nutrition of the wounded and burned, a group of authors, among whom was the founder, and the general director of the company ACADEMY-T Tokayev E.S. in 1989 was awarded the State Prize of the USSR on Science and Technology.

ツIn the following years, the range of research, conducted at the company, expanded. Carried out together with specialists of the Institute of Medical Radiology of RAMS, N.V. Sklifosovsky Emergency Research Institute, Scientific Center of Surgery of RAMS, comprehensive studies of the influence of food fiber preparations of plant and animal origin on nutrient metabolism, functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, state of intestinal microflora, led to the detection of new useful properties and creation of an effective range of products for metabolic therapy of various diseases.

Recognition of the high efficiency of developments carried out in the company was that in 1999 Tokayev E.S. was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology for the development of scientific and technological foundations of food design, creation and development of a new generation of general, preventive and therapeutic nutrition products.


Regardless of the form of organization for all 25 years, the company 's activities were aimed at:

テ「ツツ「 Conducting research in the field of food system physic-chemistry, biotechnology and pharmacy-nutricology;

テ「ツツ「 Creation of knowledge-intensive technologies of new products of therapeutic, preventive, sports nutrition, biologically active additives.

In 2004, ACADEMY-T brought the protein metabolically adapted product Hephamine to market.

ツIn 2004-2007, a large-scale clinical assessment of the effectiveness of the metabolically adapted product of Hepamine was carried out in such institutions as the Russian Scientific Center of Surgery RAMN, MC Kundala (Drug Treatment Clinic of Jacob Marshak), Polyclinic of JSC Gazprom, Central Research Institute of Gastroenterology. Patent No. 2249416 was obtained in early 2005.

During this time Hepamine showed very high efficiency of application in the complex of therapeutic measures of extremely severe patients - in the pre- and postoperative period in liver transplantation, in treatment of patients with liver resection, cirrhosis, hepatitis of various etiology, fat hepatosis and other hepatic pathologies.

ツIn 2005, ACADEMY-T released the first product of the specialized sports food Sportamin BCAA 6000.ツ

In the following years, expanding the line of specialized products for eating athletes, original products were brought to the market: the protein is Sporteinテつョ Enriched Protein, a gainer - Sporteinテつョ Gainer, an antioxidant complex - Antioxidant Synergy 7, an amino-acid complex - TetrAminテつョ, isotonic drink - Isotonic Sea Energyテつョ, a fat-burning - L-Carnitine Weight Control, an antianaemic complex - Gemotonテつョ, joint and sheaves drug - Sustaminテつョ, pretraining complexes - ViNitroテつョ, Creatine Power Rush 3000, prebiotic - Floracia.

All products are patented, have certificates of state registration, trademarks on them are protected.

The products showed high efficiency in nutrition of athletes of various sports and are systematically used in preparation of national teams of Russia, teams of the premier league, schools of the Olympic reserve, etc.

ツSince 2008 ACADEMY-T is the main supplier of Russian national teams in various sports.

ツ Since 2009, every year the ACADEMY-T performs research works within the framework of government contracts for the development of new food and nutrition programs, as well as their clinical evaluation on professional athletes, including members of national teams.

In addition, every year the scientific team of the company, which consists of 6 candidates of sciences and doctor of sciences, develops and produces 3-4 new products of specialized nutrition, which in the future undergo clinical evaluation, state registration and go on sale.

Since 2014, the office and production of the company has been located in the territory of the special economic zone テつォTechnopolis Moscowテつサ.


ツEnver Saidovich Tokayev is known as a Russian scientist in the field of food biotechnology, Doctor of Technical Sciences (1993), Professor (1994), Academician of the Russian Engineering Academy (2011), Winner of the State Prize of the USSR (1989), Winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation (1999), author of more than 400 scientific works published in domestic and foreign literature, more than 30 patents.

ツACADEMY-T currently produces 3 product lines:

ツテつキツツツツツツツツ Line of products of treatment-and-prophylactic food "Health Collection" ("Health collection")

テつキツツツツツツツツ Products with the confirmed clinical efficiency and broad practice of application in medical institutions of Moscow and the Moscow region

テつキツツツツツツツツ Structures of products are patented and have no analogs

ツテつキツツツツツツツツ Line of products of sports food of a premium class "CHAMPIONS DIETS" ("Diets of champions")

テつキツツツツツツツツ Professional products, the majority of products of this ruler are patented and have no analogs.

テつキツツツツツツツツ Each product besides the main effect, has preventive effect.

テつキツツツツツツツツ The structure of products included innovative ingredients for improvement and maintaining health of athletes.

テつキツツツツツツツツ The majority of products are clinically investigated, unlike all analogs in the market.

テつキツツツツツツツツ More than 10 years are applied in all national teams of Russia.

テつキツツツツツツツツ Are made of 100% of natural raw materials

テつキツツツツツツツツ Line of products of sports food "Fitness Formula" ("Fitness Formula")

テつキツツツツツツツツ Classical products of more budgetary price category

テつキツツツツツツツツ Are made of 100% of natural raw materials

ツ All products are made of natural raw materials of pharmaceutical quality produced in France, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Holland and even New Zealand. Sports nutrition of the company "ACADEMY-T" does not contain doping agents or their metabolites, and is also recommended by the Federal Scientific Center of Physical Culture and Sports for use by athletes in competitive and training cycles