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ANTISTRESS (60 caps)

ANTISTRESS (60 caps)
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ANTISTRESS (60 caps)
ANTISTRESS (60 caps)
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Availability: lot
$9 / pcs..

ANTISTRESS (60 caps)

The stress is an adaptation reaction of our organism to the world around.

Scientific data demonstrate that the stress affects quality of life (even a moderate stress), promotes life expectancy reduction, can lead to chronic and degenerative diseases, often causes anxiety, irritability and a depression, renders side effects on digestion, deterioration in mood.

The neuro-emotional pressure felt in the course of the competitions gains value of a major factor in modern conditions of the growing competition and qualification of athletes. As nonspecific reaction of an organism to various emotional irritants nervous-emotional tension usually is expressed by characteristic shifts in activity of cardiovascular, endocrine and motive systems, changes of exchange processes, behavioral and motor reactions.

ANTISTRESS allows to take the emotions and a stress under control and to concentrate on achievement of a victory.

Professional athletes are in conditions of a pronounced stress, especially if they participate in competitions of large scale. Continuous growth of sports results, prestigiousness of high victories, responsibility for high-quality preparation for performances in competitions increase mental tension and place great demands on psychological training of athletes. Specially picked up components as a part of ANTISTRESS product, such as glycine, 5 - hydroxytryptophan in combination with natural SerenzoTM and Vinitrox® extracts will mobilize internal reserves of an organism, make active the cardiovascular and muscular systems of the athlete, promote production of serotonin and increase readiness for high exercise and psycho-emotional stresses.

Components of a product work with difficulty interact with each other, rendering synergy effect. It should be noted that each of these components separately will not give such strong physiological effect which is reached at their sharing as a part of a product.

Useful effects of Antistress:

·       IMPROVES a psycho-emotional state

·       REDUCES feeling of alarm and fear

·       REDUCES the symptoms relating to stresses

·       RESTORES necessary concentration of serotonin

·       IMPROVES memory, mood

·       INCREASES mental capacity

·       NORMALIZES a dream

·       HELPS to facilitate acclimatization process

Active ANTISTRESS ingredients and their action:

As a part of a product only natural ingredients are used.

SerenzoTM is the original, patented, clinically studied natural active extract from special grades of red orange, in combination with natural antioxidants of new generation helps to strengthen and increase vital forces of an organism and to reduce subjective feeling of a chronic stress and fatigue. Promotes decrease in level of alpha amylase and cortisol - the hormone emitted by an organism in response to a stress. In researches of the European clinic the effect of removal of psychological attacks is proved.

Glycine and 5 hydroxytryptophan – the amino acids increasing production of joy hormone - serotonin, reduce nervousness, aggression, irritability, feeling of alarm and fear.

Vinitrox® - the unique formula of mix of extracts of grapes and apple which allows to reduce action of free radicals in an organism and thus, promotes improvement of blood micro-circulation and fast restoration of forces after an exercise stress.

The combination of B6 and B8 vitamins increases the level of serotonin and reduces intensity of pains of the athlete at exercise stresses.

Storage conditions: To store in the dry place at a temperature not higher than 25 °C.

Expiration date: 24 months from the date of production

Antistress Structure


Daily dose contains (1 capsule), mg

% from daily normal dose*










Vitamin В6




Recommendations to use:

For adult take 1 capsule of a product 1 time in the first half of day, with water. Duration of admission is 30 days. Re-reception in 4 weeks. During admission consultation of the doctor is recommended.

Indications to use:

ANTISTRESS is recommended for athletes (in training camps, during the competitive period) and persons with the raised exercise and psycho-emotional stresses.


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