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Ecdysterone (240 caps)

Ecdysterone (240 caps)
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Ecdysterone (240 caps)
Ecdysterone (240 caps)
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Availability: lot
$17 / pcs..

Ecdysterone testosterone booster

Ecdysterone – the advanced form of the drug received from rhizomes of Leuzea carthamoides, promoting production of testosterone, increasing growth of muscle bulk, allowing to increase force and endurance. Group B vitamins supplements and activate action of an ecdysterone, strengthen synthesis of amino acids, hemoglobin and enzymes.


The exclusivity of the drug Ecdysterone is the unique mix Vinitrox® including extracts of grapes and apple which promotes fast restoration of forces after exercise stresses. Ecdysterone is developed by professionals in the area and is a quality assurance.

Useful effects of Ecdysterone:

·       INCREASES the level of free testosterone;

·       INCREASES force and volume of muscles;

·       STIMULATES synthesis of protein in nervous tissues;

·       STRENGTHENS intake of protein and a glycogen in muscles, accelerating thereby process of restoration after exercise stresses;

·       Is effective antioxidant;

·       REDUCES a fatty layer;

·       STABILIZES a heart rhythm at intensive loadings, thereby reduces risk of development of cardiovascular diseases;

·       POSSESSES fortifying action with increase in working capacity;

·       HELPS to control cholesterol level in blood;

·       STABILIZES sugar level in blood (thereby prevents accumulation of excess fat and helps to transfer easier low-calorie food in the course of combustion of fat).

According to scientific research results of Ecdysterone it allows to improve the genetic sports potential of an organism. Action of Ecdysterone, in addition to other positive factors, is directed to creation of the "ideal" environment for creation of muscles. It provides maintenance of positive nitrogenous balance and strengthening of protein synthesis that along with intensive trainings and the balanced food provides perfect conditions for a set of muscle bulk.

Active Ecdysterone ingredients and their action:


Ecdysterone – an extract of Leuzea carthamoides increases production of steroid hormone of testosterone, strengthens intake of protein and a glycogen in muscles, thereby stimulating growth of muscle bulk, increases endurance and force, normalizes work of a cardiovascular system, considerable accelerates restoration after any kind of loadings.

B1 vitamin – plays an important role in fats and carbohydrates metabolism processes, increases energy level in an organism, participates in a blood formation, is antioxidant.

B2 vitamin – is necessary for regulation of growth and reproductive functions in an organism, for health of skin, hair and nails. Positively influences a nervous system.

B6 vitamin – is necessary for normal course of oxidation-reduction processes in marrow cells, is coenzymes of a number of enzymatic processes.

Storage conditions: To store in the dry place at a temperature not higher than 25 °C.

Expiration date: 24 months from the date of production



Ecdysterone Structure


Daily dose contains
(6 capsules)


Ecdysterone, mg



Polyphenol, mg



Vitamin B2, mg



Vitamin В6, mg



Vitamin В1, mg




Ecdysterone recommendations to use:

For adult 3 capsules 2 times a day during meal (last take not later than 18 hours), with water. Duration of intake is 1 month. If necessary can be repeated. Is not medicine.

Indications to use:

Ecdysterone is recommended to athletes of all sports (in training camps, during the competitive period). It is irreplaceable in the amateur and professional sport demanding long and intensive physical trainings with the maximum load.


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