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L-CARNITINE Weight control (90 caps)

L-CARNITINE Weight control (90 caps)
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L-CARNITINE Weight control (90 caps)
L-CARNITINE Weight control (90 caps)
(votes: 1, rating: 5)
Availability: lot
$11 / pcs..

L-CARNITINE Weight Control

L-CARNITINE Weight Control - a unique synergy complex, effectively increases power supply, burns fat, reduces recovery time after the training, keeps and strengthens muscular tissue.

Useful effects of L-CARNITINE Weight Control:

·        increase in power security and endurance at long loading of high intensity;

·        normalization of weight;

·        prevention of adverse effects of stressful situations;

·        decrease in pain in muscles, due to reduction lactic acid accumulation;

·        acceleration of an organism restoration owing to decrease in a hypoxia;

·        decrease in level of cholesterol in blood.

L-carnitine - the amino acid providing transport of fatty acids through cellular membranes in a mitochondrion for use as the main source of energy. The L-carnitine promotes more effective combustion of fat, increases the level of power providing muscles, increases endurance and accelerates restoration. It is necessary for effective work of a cardiac muscle, especially after exercise stresses.

L-carnitine role: sports nutrition and power supply of an organism of the athlete

It is known that the role of the main substrates for a covering of energy demands normal is carried out by fatty acids. They with arrive from a liver or a fat depot of fabrics with a blood flow . In mitochondrion of cells β-oxidation of these acids is carried out. Acids with a short carbon chain are capable to get from cytoplasm into mitochondrion independently.

However the vast majority of the fatty acids delivered with blood usually have long hydrocarbon chains and cannot independently get through an inner membrane of mitochondrion. The L-carnitine participates in transport of such acids. In intermembrane space of mitochondrion with ATP participation it forms an acyl-carnitine (ether of the transported acid with a carnitine) which easily passes through an inner membrane of mitochondrion. This process is resulted by splitting of fatty acids and formation of ATP energy.

Extract of green tea has thermogenic effect, increasing an expense of calories and promoting, thus, combustion of fat. Stimulates immunity, has antioxidant properties - protects cells from the damaging action of the free radicals which are formed in a large number at exercise stresses.


Lipoic acid reduces glucose content in blood, promoting more effective action of a L-carnitine.

·        activates oxidizing decarboxylation;

·        regulates lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, including metabolism of cholesterol, pyruvic acid and alpha-kenotic acid;

·        improves functions of a liver (including detox), protects it from exogenous and internal disturbing factors.


Storage conditions: To store in the dry place at a temperature not higher than 25 °C.

Expiration date: 24 months from the date of production

Structure of L-CARNITINE Weight Control


Daily dose contains

(2 capsules) mg





Green tea extract





Lipoic Acid




Recommendations to use:


Take 1-2 capsules a day for an hour before exercise. Duration of admission is 4 weeks. Re-reception in 2 weeks.




Indications to use:

Special need for a sport nutrition product - carnitine of Weight Control is felt by athletes of those sports, which are controlling condition of weight. The course of admission of product lasting 20-30 days increases the general and special working capacity at the athletes training on development of endurance in cyclic sports (run by 5000 and 10000 m, swimming, skating and skiing), promotes acceleration of recovery processes. In high-speed strength sports has the effect stimulating growth of muscles. It is effective as well in game sports (soccer, basketball, hockey); it can be recommended to the athletes specializing in different types of firing.


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