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FIT L-carnitine 1800

"FIT L-CARNITINE 1800" it is intended for metabolic processes strengthening in the athlete organism, fast splitting of fatty acids and removals of excessive moisture. Thanks to a unique combination of a L-carnitine, extract of fruits of a prickly pear of ficus-indica ("Cacti-Nea" TM) and soluble food fibers (Fibregum TM) action of a product is directed to 3 main resources at once — reactivity of an organism, antioxidant protection of cells and stabilization of work of digestive tract.

Advantages "FIT L-CARNITINE 1800":

-      Provides muscles with energy due to combustion of fat;

-      Increases physical activity when performing an exercise stress;

-      Promotes increase in resistance to a stress and endurance;

-      Improves work of cells of a brain;

-      Reduces the maintenance of level of cholesterol in blood;

-      Provides antioxidant protection of cells of an organism

L-carnitine - vitamin-like substance which transports fatty acids in a mitochondrion of cells where there is a combustion of fats - fuels for power generation. At high exercise stresses at the use of a carnitine the amount of lactic acid in an organism decreases, the endurance increases and time of trainings of the athlete increases.

Accepting a L-carnitine with a protein, a protein and carbohydrate gainer or other complexes it is possible to gain muscle bulk without danger of a fat formation.

Cacti-Nea TM extract from fruit of a prickly pear of cacti family, having ability to remove excess moisture, at the same time keeping mineral balance of blood. "Cacti-Nea" TM is rich with bioavailable betalain pigments which provide antioxidant protection of cells. It is clinically proved that at consumption of "Cacti-Nea" TM in a blood plasma level glutathione peroxidases - family of the enzymes protecting an organism from oxidizing damage significantly increases.

Fibregum TM– the soluble food fibers consisting generally of acacia fiber – the prebiotic stimulating development of natural intestinal microflora. The use of a product with these food fibers will allow to reduce cholesterol level in an organism and to normalize work cardio-vascular system.

The product does not contain GMO, doping means and their metabolites.

Storage conditions: To store in the dry place at a temperature not higher than 25 °C.

Expiration date: 24 months from the date of production

STRUCTURE: water, a L-carnitine tartrate, soluble food fibers, extract of fruits of a prickly pear a ficus-indika, the acidity regulator - sodium citrate, fragrance food "grapes", sweeteners: to acesulfam potassium, sucralose, sodium cyclamate; preservative sodium benzoate.

Food substances containing
(food value):

Product contains


per 100 ml   

per 1 portion   

L- carnitine, g




soluble food fiber, g




Energy value, kcal/kj



**Adequate daily intake

Take 1/2 ampoules in 30 minutes before training.

The recommended admission duration depending on intensity of loadings, body weights, age and level of training according to the program of trainings for the recommendation of the specialist

The product is not recommended for intake to children under 18, pregnant women and the feeding women.


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