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Fit Tonus® (60 caps)

Fit Tonus® (60 caps)
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Fit Tonus® (60 caps)
Fit Tonus® (60 caps)
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Availability: lot
$19 / pcs..

Fit Tonus® 

Developed for normalization of a psychophysical state and acceleration of neuromuscular transfer at athletes at intensive exercise stresses. Various components as a part of a product work in a complex, rendering synergy effect.

Fit Tonus ® solves the following problems:

·       increases endurance, physical efficiency and adaptation of an organism to exercise stresses.

·       improves transfer of nervous impulse.

·       the exhaustion warns, accelerates recovery processes in an organism.

·       reduces excess accumulation of lactic acid (lactate) in muscles.

·       has tonic effect: makes active vital forces of an organism.

·       minimizes a muscular pain syndrome, promotes decrease in a spasm of muscles at microscopic ruptures of muscle fibers.

·       strengthens immunity, increases resistance of an organism to adverse effects of external environment.

·       slows down processes of cellular membranes aging, structures of cells and, therefore, all organism in general.

·       normalizes functions cardiovascular and the autonomic nervous system.

·       possesses anti-carcinogen action.

·       provides resistance of cells of a liver to disturbing factors.

·       serves as effective protection at stress loads.

Fit Tonus ® passed clinical tests and has the certificate on the state registration.

Within the operating educational training camp more than 20 athletes took part in test.

The assessment was carried out:

- physical endurance and working capacity;

- conditions of motive and coordination parameters;

- emotional state.

Storage conditions: To store in the dry place at a temperature not higher than 25 °C.

Expiration date: 24 months from the date of production

Polyprenols – the most important group of natural bio-regulators which belong to poly-isoprenolic connections.

Polyprenols have various properties which allow to use them in sports medicine: hepatoprotective action, antioxidant activity, normalization of lipid exchange, stimulation of immunity, neuro-protective action, anti-depressive effect.

Melon juice extract – is a source of the Superoxide scavenger (SOS), one of the most important enzymes preventing free radical oxidation in a human body.

Sincaline the Bitartrate – a natural component which accelerates metabolism of fats facilitates digestion of food and has hepatoprotective properties, is a neurotransmitter: improves functional activity of a brain.

Vinitrox® - mix of extracts of a grape residue and a peel of apple, has high stresso-tire-tread, anti-atherogenous and hepatoprotective activity.

Serenzo® - extract of sweet orange, reduces the cortisol level, a chronic stress and fatigue.

Content of feedstuffs is 1 portions (2 capsules):

Portions in packing – 30



1 portion contains
(2 capsules)

* % DDN

Polyprenols, mg


** 187

Limonene, mg


** 375

Polyphenols, mg



Choline, g




Recommendations to use

Take 1 capsule 2 times a day. Reception duration - 4 weeks. Repeated reception in 4 weeks.


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