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Champions Energy Bars

Champions Energy Bars
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Champions Energy Bars
Champions Energy Bars
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Champions Energy Bar

Bar with fruit and nut "Champions Energy Bar"

Provides with energy at the expense of natural carbohydrates.

Champions Energy Bar – the power bars of new generation, tasty delicacy convenient in use, powerful energy sources on the basis of specially picked up composition of natural high-quality carbohydrates.

Energy bars are recommended for all types of physical activity: fitness, run, the bicycle, the skates and rollers, skis, soccer, aerobic exercise machines – where constant feed is required by energy.

Components: dried fruits: banana, grapes, cumquat; almonds nut kernels, roasted peanuts, wafers wafer (wheat flour, potato starch, vegetable oil), coconut oil, antioxidant (ascorbic acid), fragrance identical natural "Banana".

Sports bars – the real find among products of sports food. It is effective and, the main thing, the useful and convenient substitute of food concentrating in itself digestible valuable proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and other feedstuffs. Such products of sports nutrition can add a diet of the person and serve as useful snack.

Bars are an optimal solution for all people who play sports and lead just active lifestyle. Quite convenient and practical form, high quality, small cost makes them by the best decision for many active and sporty people today.

CHAMPIONS BAR are the completely natural bars consisting of dried fruits and nuts in which the most necessary nutritious components for the active growth of muscles are balanced.

Protein bars are produced for 100% from natural raw materials

As a part of bars there are no sugar and sweeteners

·       Without GMO, preservatives and food chemistry

·       Do not contain the hydrogenated oils

·       Do not contain animal products

·       Do not contain cholesterol and trans-fatty acids

·       Do not contain wheat and gluten

·       Do not contain artificial sweeteners

·       Do not contain sugar alcohols, including erythritol

·       Each bar contains a daily dose of vitamins A and With from natural sources

·       The usefulness of bars is caused by the high content of fructose (as a part of raisin, an apricot and cherry), protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, food fibers, mineral substances (potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus) and vitamins (A, E, C, B1, B2)

·       Bars do not undergo heat treatment, it allows to keep completely all vitamins and mineral substances

·       Bars are covered with thin wafer that does them more convenient and practical

Expiration date: 10 months from the date of production

Champions Energy Bar Structure

Food value



1 bar (40g)

Protein, g



Fats, g



Carbohydrates, g



Energy value, kcal/ kj




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