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OMEGA-3D (90 softgels)

OMEGA-3D (90 softgels)
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OMEGA-3D (90 softgels)
OMEGA-3D (90 softgels)
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Availability: lot
$11 / pcs..

OMEGA-3D (90 softgels)

OMEGA-3D is an innovation FORMULA of TRIPLE ACTION. The unique combination of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, Coenzyme Q10 antioxidant and L-carnitine amino acid provides to a product powerful synergy properties and realizes intake of useful fats, protection of fats against oxidizers and full assimilation in cells.

Useful effects of OMEGA-3D:


·       increase in metabolic rate;

·       improvement of rheological properties of blood, due to decrease in viscosity owing to what arterial blood pressure decreases, decreases risk of cardiovascular diseases, formations of blood clots, strokes and heart attacks;

·       reduces the level of triglycerides in blood that leads to reduction of risk of heart diseases;

·       stimulation of production of ATP for heart cells;

·       increase in the general tone and endurance;

·       weight reduction;

·       normalization of immunity;

·       improvement of function of a brain, mood raising. Marrow consists for 60% from fats, and especially needs in the Omega-3 fatty acids correctly to function;

·       the healthy energy source which is not creating risk of increase in fatty weight;

·       strengthening of producing hormones, including the most important testosterone in sport.               

Fish oil — the natural fortifying means containing A, D vitamins and polyunsaturated higher fatty acids including a class an omega-3. In turn, an omega-3 – a class of the polyunsaturated fatty acids which are not reproduced by an organism, but extremely important for activity. Getting to our organism with products, they take root into cells of an organism and speed up their work.


Omega-3 fatty acids — the major product for those who want to get rid of excess fat they reduce sensitivity to insulin and lower appetite. On the other hand, while admitting the Omega 3 increases production of testosterone that helps growth of muscles.

Active OMEGA-3D ingredients and their action:

OMEGA-3 – group of polyunsaturated fatty acids which are not synthesized in a human body, but play a huge role in activity of all systems, rendering membrane-protecting, anti-atherosclerotic, antiarrhythmic, immune-modulatory, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic actions, protecting vessels and capillaries, normalizing lipid structure and rheological properties of blood, improving metabolism of a brain, antidepressant, dermotropic, oncology-protecting properties, etc.

COENZYME Q10 – performs function of antioxidant in mitochondrion of cells, protecting the Omega-3 from oxidation and providing extermination of the free radicals which are formed during exercise stresses. The expressed anti-atherosclerotic, antiarrhythmic, hypotensive, anti-allergic, hepatoprotective effect of coenzyme Q10 is proved. Coenzyme Q10 normalizes lipid composition of blood, improves its properties, a blood stream in a myocardium, regulates glucose level in blood. It improves respiratory and reproductive functions, possesses anti-periodontitis action.

L-CARNITINE – the amino acid providing transport of fatty acids through cellular membranes in a mitochondrion for use as the main source of energy, promoting the best absorption the Omega-3. The L-carnitine increases efficiency of combustion of fat and level of power providing muscles, increases endurance and accelerates restoration. L-carnitine is necessary for effective work of a cardiac muscle, especially against the background of exercise stresses.

Storage conditions: To store in the dry place at a temperature not higher than 25 °C.

Expiration date: 24 months from the date of production

OMEGA 3-D Structure


Daily dose contains
(3 capsules)


Omega 3






Coenzyme Q10



EPA - 540 mg

DHA - 330 mg

Recommendations to use:

Take 3 capsules a day during meal. Duration of reception is 4 weeks.

Indications to use:

OMEGA-3D is recommended to the athletes and persons controlling weight. Drug increases the general endurance at athletes, promotes reduction of development of cardiovascular diseases. The fatty acids which are contained in Omega-3 have a promoting effect on growth of muscles, due to increase in production of testosterone.

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