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CREATINE Power Rush 3000 (300 caps)

CREATINE Power Rush 3000 (300 caps)
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CREATINE Power Rush 3000 (300 caps)
CREATINE Power Rush 3000 (300 caps)
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Availability: lot
$17 / pcs..

CREATINE Power Rush 3000 (300 caps)

CREATINE Power Rush 3000 - the unique complex on the basis of creatine containing pure creatine monohydrate of the highest quality with the transport system including the unique Vinitrox L-arginine complex, L-glutamine and lipoic acid which increase natural production of creatine by organism and promote the best digestion of creatine.

Useful effects of CREATINE Power Rush 3000:

·        Increase in force of muscles

·        Increase in muscle bulk

·        Improvement of relief of muscles

·        Increase in secretion of anabolic hormones

·        Increase in operability of muscles

·        Decrease in recovery time

Creatine monohydrate - the most effective and popular form of creatine used by athletes for increase in muscle bulk, force and endurance.

Long reception of a product of sport nutrition of creatine (a load dose of 3-5 g a day within several months) increases force and repeated high-speed and power working capacity approximately by 5-15% and body weight approximately on 1.5-3 kg. In the first days of intake of creatine of monohydrate the fatigue of muscles and accumulation in them of lactic acid considerably decreases that allows to hold more saturated and intensive trainings.

Additional consumption of creatine increase reserves of the general creatine and creatine phosphate in muscle fibers. As the limiting factor of physical efficiency when performing short loadings of high power is availability of creatine phosphate, increase in its concentration can promote maintenance of concentration of ATP, effectively affecting on contractile ability of muscle fibers.


In spite of the fact that pure creatine monohydrate effectively works itself, was developed the innovation structure capable to strengthen effect of creatine and to improve its assimilation. The following complexes entered this system:

L-ARGININ VINITROX complex = Activation of NO synthesis

L-arginine - the amino acid stimulating nitrogen oxide synthesis process, providing the best blood stream in muscles for faster and volume transport of nutrients including creatine. L-arginine also increases sensitivity to insulin, and it is the second important factor of creatine transport acceleration.

Vinitrox is the unique patent mix of polyphenols of grapes and apple having two main properties - vasodilation and antioxidant. Action of Vinitrox is based on stimulation of release of natural nitrogen oxide which directly influences vasodilation. Thus fabrics saturation with oxygen and nutrients improves.

L-glutamine complex LIPOIC = insulin Metabolism

L-glutamine - the amino acid which is responsible for metabolism of insulin at the cellular level. L-glutamine serves for increase in volume of cells and muscle growth.

Lipoic acid strengthens insulin metabolism even with insulin resistance (insensitivity to insulin). The insulin resistance is a state in which the organism produces enough insulin in response to increase in level of glucose of blood, but does not react properly to insulin. Besides, lipoic acid is necessary for forming of the favorable environment in a stomach that promotes the best absorption of creatine.

Storage conditions: To store in the dry place at a temperature not higher than 25 °C.

Expiration date: 24 months from the date of production



Structure CREATINE Power Rush 3000:


Daily dose
(8 capsules) g





Lipoic acid



Mixture of grape and apple extract










Recommendations to use:

Take 4 capsules 2 times a day. One time an hour before training. Admission duration - 4 weeks. Re-reception in 2 weeks.

Indications to creatine use:

It is recommended to athletes of all sports, especially in cyclic and game sports for maintenance and development of high-speed and power qualities. It is irreplaceable in the amateur and professional sport demanding long and intensive physical trainings with the maximum load.


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