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Sustamin ® Forte (120 caps)

Sustamin ® Forte (120 caps)
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Sustamin ® Forte (120 caps)
Sustamin ® Forte (120 caps)
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Availability: lot
$17 / pcs..
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Chondroprotector Sustamin® Forte (120 caps)

SUSTAMIN FORTE - the balanced natural product of new generation for prevention and treatment of diseases of the joint and copular device. Chondroprotective substances having the mutually strengthening effect and having complex corrective action on metabolism of a cartilaginous and bone tissue contains a unique combination. Promotes recovering of elements of a musculoskeletal system from various injuries.


Systematic intake of Sustamin Forte provides timely receipt in an organism enough substances necessary for normal functioning and restoration of cartilaginous tissue.

Sustamin Forte - the product developed for people with the different level of physical activity and all age groups. It is especially indicated with the preventive purpose to people after age of 40 and to athletes.

SUSTAMIN FORTE contains the unique ingredient consists bioactive proteins of Osteol milk, enhancing chondroprotective properties of a product by 4 times.

SUSTAMINE FORTE as a hydrolysate of collagen, chondroitin sulfate, a glucosamine sulfate, biologically active proteins of Osteol lactoserum, vitamins C, D, E, N, B6 and mineral substances (calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper) contains such components in carefully matched ratios.

Description of the main components and their action:

Collagen hydrolysate

Collagen makes a basis of connecting tissue (cartilages, bones, ligaments, sinews, skin, etc.) and provides its durability. The hydrolysate of collagen contains in a large amount amino acid (proline, hydroxyproline, glycine), collagen peptides and biogenic tripeptide - a glycine-histidine-lysine:

-      is a source of "construction material" for cartilages, ligaments and sinews

-      promotes regeneration of the MSS connective tissue elements, stimulating formation of physiological collagen

-      contributes to normalization of exchange processes in an organism, interferes with development of diseases of a musculoskeletal system

-      well influences work of a liver and brain, strengthens a cardiac muscle, the immune system

Chondroitin sulfate - high-molecular mucopolysaccharide which is the main component of the proteoglycans making a cartilaginous matrix together with collagen fibers:      


-      promotes active regeneration of a cartilage.

-      makes the normalizing impact on exchange processes in cartilaginous tissue of a joint and prevents its decomposition.

-      has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect

-      normalizes water saturation of a cartilage and provides its normal depreciation properties

-      effect of the specific enzymes causing damage to cartilaginous tissue and degradation of an articulate cartilage oppresses (collagenases, leukocyte elastase, hyaluronidase, etc.)

-      substrately stimulates and accelerates biosynthesis of collagen and proteoglycans chondrocytes

-      normalizes products of intra articulate liquid that leads to reduction of degenerative changes and morbidity in joints

-      reduces muscular fatigue

-      initiates process of fixing of sulfur in the course of synthesis of chondroitin-sulphuric acid that in turn, promotes adjournment of calcium in bones

Glucosamine sulfate - Basic Element of glycosaminoglycan’s (GAG) which form the main structure of connecting fabrics, sheaves, skin, sinews and cartilages:

-      strengthens anabolic and weakens catabolic processes in connecting fabric

-      stimulates synthesis of proteoglycans, collagen and hyaluronic acid of synovial fluid

-      stimulates process of restoration of the injured cartilage

-      increases permeability of the articulate capsule

-      influences a metabolism in cartilaginous tissue of a joint and prevents its decomposition.

-      kills pain, a tumor and hypersensitivity

-      protects an old cartilage from premature destruction and plays a role of construction material for creation of new healthy cartilaginous tissue.

OSTEOL - the innovation ingredient for joints health consisting of biologically active proteins of milk.

-      Makes combined effect on the joint and copular device:

-      the glucosamine sulfate chondroitin sulfate by 4 times allows to increase a protective effect of mix

-      improves safety of chondrocytes

-      increases anti-inflammatory effect

-      suppresses harmful effects on a joint cartilage of proteolytic enzymes of metal-proteases (MMP)

-      reduces a degeneration of an articulate cartilage and facilitates a discomfortable condition of a joint

-      in combination with a glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin Osteol sulfate gives the powerful effect strengthening decrease in inflammatory processes and unhealthy consequences

-      allows to reduce significantly concentration of a glucosamine in a product for effect of safety of chondrocytes

Methylsulfonylmetan (MSM) - is the organic form of the bioavailable dietary sulfur which is required for our organism every day found under natural conditions. Sulfur - the main component in many proteins of an organism, hormones, enzymes and fabrics, for example, nails and skin. In an organism sulfur is necessary for course of many processes, including collagen synthesis, oxidizing reactions in cells, metabolism of carbohydrates and maintenance of acid-base balance. Sulfur promotes strengthening of connecting fabrics and is an important component of health of joints.

MSM effectively strengthens a blood stream and promotes the correct muscle work and sinews, improves mobility of joints and durability of sheaves. Also drug stimulates production of articulate liquid, reduces risk of spasms and inflammation of joints, reduces traumatic pain.

Concentration of a metilsulfonilmetan in an organism decreases with age, and its stocks have to be restored. Constant replenishment of reserves of sulfur in an organism is extremely necessary for maintenance of integrity of connecting fabric. Also MSM:

-      is a part of glycosaminoglycan - structural components of cartilaginous tissue, and directly participates in its forming;

-      possesses anti-inflammatory action;

-      especially effectively prevents and facilitates an inflammatory syndrome at arthritis, a myositis, sprain, a bursitis;

-      participates in forming of the collagen promoting elasticity of skin and strengthening of muscles;

-      reduces a threshold of sensitivity of an organism to allergens;

-      increases antioxidant protection at the expense of sulfur-containing amino acids (methionine, cysteine, serine, taurine) which participate in synthesis of the major antioxidant - glutathione;

-      favorably influences all exchange and biochemical processes in an organism: production of enzymes and hormones, assimilation and transport of vitamins;

-      stabilizes sugar level in blood, favorably influencing the current of a diabetes mellitus and decrease in number of its complications;

The source of digestible liposomal calcium unlike other sources of calcium is characterized:

-      high comprehensibility due to use of the innovation technology of microencapsulation

-      lack of irritation of a GIT at a high dosage;

-      high concentration of active agent.

-      Calcium - the main macrocell playing in a human body extraordinary important role in functioning of muscular tissue, a myocardium, nervous system and bone tissue.

-      serves as the main construction material for bones and teeth

-      promotes acceleration of musculoskeletal system injuries healing

-      is an intracellular mediator for reduction of muscle fibers

Vitamin and mineral premix

Vitamins C, D, E, N, B6, and minerals - magnesium, manganese, copper are a part of premix:

-      enhance chondroprotective substances action

-      has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action

-      participates in forming of structural components of bone and cartilaginous tissue

-      is the regulator of oxidation-reduction processes

Useful effects:

-      strengthens the joint and copular device

-      reduces risk of injuries developing and inflammatory diseases of the articulate device

-      accelerates rehabilitation after the suffered musculoskeletal system injuries.

-      inhibits effect of the proteolytic enzymes causing damage to cartilaginous tissue and degradation of an articulate cartilage (collagenases, leukocyte elastase, hyaluronidase)

-      normalizes water saturation of a cartilage and its mechanical-elastic properties

-      makes anti-inflammatory and analgesic impact thanks to synergy effect of components of a product

-      has a promoting effect on regeneration of cartilaginous tissue, promotes regeneration of an articulate bag and the cartilaginous surfaces of joints, restores mechanical and elastic integrity of a cartilaginous matrix

-      stimulates synthesis of hyaluronic acid, strengthening connective tissue structures

-      substratively stimulates and accelerates biosynthesis of proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycan chondrocytes

-      normalizes products of intra articulate liquid (carries out a role of "lubricant" of articulate surfaces)

-      partially blocks emission of free oxygen radicals

-      slows down development of degenerative changes in cartilaginous hyaline tissue of articulate surfaces, interferes with collapse of connecting fabric

-      reduces the accompanying inflammatory reaction and weakens the affected joint pain

-      increases mobility of the affected joints

-      slows down a resorption of a bone tissue and reduces calcium loss, accelerates processes of restoration of a bone tissue.



The increased individual sensitivity to any of drug components (allergic reactions).


100g contains

Daily dose contains

(6 mg)


Collagen hydrolysate




Glucosamine sulfate




Chondroitin sulfate




Biologically active milk proteins
























Vitamin D




Vitamin С




Vitamin В6




Vitamin H




Vitamin E






Indications to use:

SUSTAMIN FORTE recommended as treatment-and-prophylactic cure for diseases of joints and a backbone:

-      protection and restoration of structural elements of a musculoskeletal system - cartilages, bones, ligaments and sinews

-      recovering of normal functions of a musculoskeletal system and acceleration of rehabilitation from the suffered injuries

-      prevention and additional treatment at degenerative diseases of a musculoskeletal system, that’s why necessity of using anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics decreases getting low.

Recommendations to use:

The product is recommended to use on 3 capsules in the morning and in the evening before or during meal. The minimum recommended use course - 2 months. For achievement of steady effect 2-3 times a year are recommended to repeat courses of reception.


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