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ExtraBeetOx (50 ml)

ExtraBeetOx (50 ml)
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ExtraBeetOx (50 ml)
ExtraBeetOx (50 ml)
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At intensive exercise stresses (run on long distances, cycle races, ski sports, swimming, etc.) the main mechanism in the athlete's organism for energy provision of the athlete's organism is the aerobic oxidation of carbohydrates. The most considerable factor influencing work and endurance is oxygen supply of the working muscles as consumption of oxygen during run supports the maximum speed of oxidation of carbohydrates. On the basis of long-term researches the innovation company "ACADEMY-T" developed "ExtraBeetOx" which promotes expansion of blood vessels, provides the increased function of transferring oxygen therefore, muscles are better saturated with oxygen and considerably the efficiency of the athlete increases.

Useful effects of ExtraBeetOx:

·       INCREASES physical endurance and working capacity;

·       ACCELERATES restoration after exercise stresses

·       INCREASES efficiency of intensive physical trainings

·       REDUCES consumption of oxygen at intensive exercise stresses;

·       FILLS shortage of gland in an organism , prevents emergence and adjusts iron deficiency states

·       SPEEDS up work of a cardiovascular system, central nervous system and oxidation-reduction processes;

·       ELIMINATES the general weakness, slackness

·       NORMALIZES work of a cardiovascular system and central nervous system

·       INCREASES physical and intellectual activity

·       CONTRIBUTES to normalization of work of digestive tract.

Active ExtraBeetOx ingredients and their action:

The FRACTIONED BEET JUICE received from a unique grade of beet provides an organism with additional energy, increases production of nitrogen oxide and increases endurance due to reduction of amount of the oxygen necessary during an intensive exercise stress.

Ferrous sulfate - a source of digestible liposomal iron. Unlike other sources of ferrous sulfate it is characterized:

·       high comprehensibility due to use of the innovation technology of microencapsulation;

·       high concentration of active agent.

·       lack of irritation of a GIT at a high dosage;

·       lack of metal smack;

Iron - the irreplaceable component of an organism necessary for formation of hemoglobin, a myoglobin, various enzymes and course of oxidizing processes in fabrics. Iron takes active part in a blood formation and oxygenation, catalyzes oxidation-reduction processes and processes of tissue respiration.

Vinitrox - the patented mix of grapes and apple extracts:

·       strengthens nitrogen oxide synthesis, thereby increasing blood supply in an organism;

·       thanks to specially picked up ratio of polyphenols of grapes and apple is effective antioxidant and protects an organism from action of free radicals;

·       promotes fast restoration after high exercise stresses;

·       reduces risk of development of cardiovascular diseases.

The unique combination of Ferrous sulfate and VINITROX® - promotes decrease in free radicals in an organism, possesses antioxidant action and improves working capacity at high exercise stresses.

Storage conditions: To store in the dry place at a temperature not higher than 25 °C.

Expiration date: 16 months from the date of production

Recommendations for application:

Adults are advised to take 50-100 ml (1-2 bottles) a day 1 hour before training begins. The duration of the reception is 30 days. Resubmit in 4 weeks if necessary.
During preparation for competitions take not less than 8-10 days before the start of competitions and course of competitions take 1-2 hours before the start.
A doctor 's consultation is recommended during the reception period.
Indications for application:
ExtraBeetOx is recommended for feeding athletes (on training collecting, in competitive period) and persons with increased physical loads.

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