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ViNitro® (120 caps)

ViNitro® (120 caps)
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ViNitro® (120 caps)
ViNitro® (120 caps)
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$10 / pcs..
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 ViNitro® (120 caps)

ViNitro® - the effective recovery complex including scientifically based unique composition of Vinitrox and L-arginine amino acid providing vasodilatation and increase in blood circulation in an organism.


The movement of blood on vessels improves and provided sufficient intake of necessary substances to bodies. Thanks to the use of ViNitro® the efficiency of a training increases.

Useful effects of ViNitro®:

 ·        promotes formation of the oxide of nitrogen expanding blood vessels and allows to increase a blood stream to muscles;

·        stimulates development of the carnitine increasing endurance of an organism;

·        keeps the necessary level of energy at high exercise stresses;

·        interferes with processes of cell aging and body tissues;

·        reduces recovery time after exercise stresses.

The exercise stress positively affects the state of health, but at the same time at the ultra-boundary loadings characteristic of professional athletes can have a negative impact on work of a cardiovascular system and be the reason of bad adaptability to loading, disturbance of a rhythm of warm activity, to decrease in working capacity and other frustration.


Continuous and uniform inflow of blood is necessary for maintenance and recovery of normal work of all bodies that can be provided thanks to reception of the recovery ViNitro® complex.


These results are achieved thanks to ViNitro® which are a part: L-arginine, L-lysine hydrochloride, mix of extracts of grapes and Vinitrox apple.

L-arginine the irreplaceable amino acid necessary at the raised exercise stresses for:


·        nitrogen oxide synthesis as is obligatory substrate of NO-SYNTHASES;

·        normalization of a cardiovascular system, interfering with formation of clots which can cause heart attacks and strokes;

·        activation processes of receipt in a blood stream of insulin, a glucagon and emission of a growth hormone (anabolic effect);

·        synthesis of creatine in muscles, increasing thereby muscular working capacity;

·        stimulations of production of testosterone in an organism, considerably increasing at the same time sexual function at men;

·        accelerations of synthesis of a growth hormone and other hormones;

·        increases in speed of wounds, stretching and fractures healing.

L-lysine - the irreplaceable amino acid performing the following functions in the athlete's organism:

·        strengthens positive effect of arginine and together with it strengthens the immune system of an organism;

·        promotes development of a carnitine thanks to what supports the energy level necessary at intensive exercise stresses;

·        it is irreplaceable at synthesis of muscle fibers and forming of full-fledged muscular tissue;

·        participates in forming of the damaged body tissues, sinews and ligaments.

Vinitrox - the patented mix of extracts of grapes and apple:


·        together with arginine strengthens nitrogen oxide synthesis, thereby increasing blood supply in an organism;

·        thanks to specially picked up ratio of grapes and apple polyphenols is effective antioxidant and protects an organism from action of free radicals;

·        promotes fast restoration after high exercise stresses;

·        reduces risk of development of cardiovascular diseases.

Storage conditions: To store in the dry place at a temperature not higher than 25 °C.

Expiration date: 24 months from the date of production

ViNitro® Structure


1 capsule contains, mg

Daily dose contains (4 capsules) mg










Grape and apple extract mix





Recommendations to use: 2 capsules before and after training


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